Titlu: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shin seiki evangelion)
Categrie: Serial TV
Durata episoadelor: 26 (26 x 25 min)
Gen: Actiune, Drama, Science-Fiction , Mecha
Anul lansarii: 1995
Studio: GAINAX
Scenariul: Hideaki Anno



Episodul 1: Angel Attack
Episodul 2: The Beast
Episodul 3: A Transfer
Episodul 4: Hedgehog's Dilemma
Episodul 5: Rei- Beyond her Heart
Episodul 6: Showdown in Tokyo 3
Episodul 7: The Human Creation
Episodul 8: Asuka Strikes!
Episodul 9: Both of You, Dance like you want to win
Episodul 10: Magmadiver
Episodul 11: The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still
Episodul 12: The Value of a Miracle is...
Episodul 13: Lilliputian Hitcher
Episodul 14: Weaving a Story
Episodul 15: Those women longed for the touch of other's lips, and thus invited their kisses.
Episodul 16: Splitting of the Beast
Episodul 17: Fourth Children
Episodul 18: Ambivalence
Episodul 19: Introjection
Episodul 20: Oral Stage
Episodul 21: He was aware that he was still a child
Episodul 22: Don't be.
Episodul 23: Rei III
Episodul 24: The Beginning and the End, or "Knocking on Heaven's Door"
Episodul 25: Do You Love Me.
Episodul 26: Take Care of Yourself.


Replici memorabile din NEON GENESIS EVANGELION

Shinji Ikari : I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away. I mustn't run away.

[Misato's on the phone with Ritsuko]
Misato Katsuragi : So, I said, I'll take care of Shinji. I've already got permission from the brass. Hey, it's not like I'm going to put the moves on him.
Ritsuko Akagi : [Yelling into Misato's ear] Of course you're not! How could you even think of such a thing? You're always like that, shame on you!
Misato Katsuragi : She just can't take a joke.

Ritsuko Akagi : So, how was Rei today?
[Gendou does not answer]
Ritsuko Akagi : You DID see her at the hospital this afternoon, didn't you?
Gendô Ikari : She will be ready to work again in twenty days. By then, we'll be ready to reactivate Unit 00 from cryo-stasis.
Ritsuko Akagi : It's so hard on these poor children.
Gendô Ikari : There is no one else who can pilot the Evas. As long as they survive, that is what I'll have them do.
Ritsuko Akagi : With no regard to what they might want?

[Shinji rescues Rei from her battered Eva]
Shinji Ikari : Ayanami! Are you all right? Ayanami! Don't say... Don't say that you have nothing else. Don't say goodbye when you leave on a mission. It's too sad.
[Shinji weeps]
Rei Ayanami : Why are you crying? I'm sorry; I don't know what to do of feel at a time like this.
Shinji Ikari : Why don't you try smiling?
[Rei thinks of Gendo smiling, and smiles herself]

Misato Katsuragi : This is your home now, so make yourself comfortable. And take advantage of everything here, except me.

Makoto Hyûga : You look pretty worn to the bone, Major Katsuragi.
Misato Katsuragi : I have reasons for being worn. Private ones.
Ritsuko Akagi : Kaji's bone?
Misato Katsuragi : SHUT YOUR FACE!



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